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This could more accurately be described as a site map of this website.
Some parts of this website have a totally different look and feel, mostly because they where made as "supposed" seperate websites.
Anyway, now I know they're not.
They're also not all about music and guitars, so there goes the theme of my website as well.

Main pages:

Song writing tips   My electric guitars   Custom electric guitar builder   Learn to play guitar

Mini site pages:

Guitar lessons on DVD
This is a site dealing more specifically with recommended guitar lessons products. Although the description is for electric guitar lessons, it basically deals with most six string guitar lessons, be they electric or acoustic.
The other two pages are Best beginner electric guitar and beginner guitar chords

Afrikaans karaoke music
This is a small two page site that features demo's of 10 afrikaans backtracks that have done quite well for me.
There is an Afrikaans webpage that is basically a translation of the English one - Afrikaanse backtracks
It needs to be noted that these are not Karaoke CD-G's or DVD's. Karaoke has become too closely associated with these particular formats, and so, some people may be upset to find out that this is not what is available here. These are demo's of backtracks.

Karaoke backing tracks backtracks
This is a one page site to demonstrate some of my Queen backing tracks. Here again, some people may say I'm guilty of letting people think these come with the lyrics embedded in the file. Just for the record, the word Karaoke came from this:
A small bar in Japan somewhere had an in house band. Sometimes the band couldn't make it to the gig, so they recorded the music onto tape for the singer to sing with while they weren't there. They wrote two words on the tape.
The first word was "Kara", meaning without, and the second word was "Oke", which meant the band.
You can see now that any backing music on CD or mp3 that is meant to be sung to, is in effect Karaoke.

Backing tracks, or backtracks, are actually karaoke (sorry folks)

Stomach ulcer cure
What worked for me, recently expanded a little with more information on Acid reflux food - GERD diet

Stomach ulser remedy
What worked for me, even if you can't spell ulcer

The blues rock guitarist, musician and songwriter

Hi, Welcome to
My home on the net.

I am Andrew Webber.
Although I've tried to keep things as focused as possible with the theme of this website, you'll find a few other unrelated subjects on some pages, but these are all things I know something about.
So ...
The one common denominator to all this is me, and if I can help you out with something I know enough about, then that's what you'll find here.
At the very least, I hope to provide some entertainment value.

I'm a blues rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, web publisher and optimist.
At least I like to think so.

My free music gift to you
I think the best introduction would be to give you some of my songs as a free music dowload.
Here they are.
Breaking all the rules
It could've been such a lovely day (The Hangover song)
It's too late now

As you've probably figured out by now, my main interest is music, and more specifically guitars.
I have one failed attempt at building a guitar, but that's more of a learning experience than a failure.
Next one will be better.

Recently, I had a guitar custom built for me.
It's vaguely similar to a Driskill guitar, but the main differences are that it's more rounded, built with neck through body construction methods, and a bit thinner.

Anyway, here is a little about the original music project I was most recently involved in.
  Guitarist (Andrew) and Vocalist (Natalie) of the South African band STEAM
  The beautiful lady singing next to me is Natalie. Mostly Natalie is the front person in the Band,
unless we've both had a lot to drink, in which case
I become this really great frontman that people just can't stop marveling at (Joke).

Actually, I very seldom have a drink or six, and I always regret it later.

The songwriting on the Steam CD - "SACRIFICE" is all Natalies doing, although the arrangement can largely be attributed to the Band as a whole, engineer and producer included.

Natalie is a Reiki master,healer and formidable clairvoyant. She has her own website dedicated to her Reiki business here in South Africa. Her website can be found here -
Reiki Master Durban

As an update: The Band no longer exists, and Natalie and I are not together anymore. Personally, it couldn't be more over than it is now.